Wood Cleaner

Wood Cleaner

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This versatile Wood Cleaner is perfect for jobs of any size. Its cleansing power is lightweight enough to be used for effortless daily dusting, yet still tough enough to conquer heavy-duty jobs such as wooden countertops, cabinets, floors, and furniture. Key ingredients such as vinegar (to break down tough, hardened messes) and olive oil (which provides a nourishing finish) allow the cleaner to be used on more than just wood. We recommend giving it a try on leather, stainless steel, and even glass cooktops. Just like the rest of the Truce product line, it relies on a simple recipe that is safe and effective.
Ingredients (learn more)
  • Olive oil (olea europaea), distilled white vinegar (acetic acid), guar gum (cyamopsis tetragonoloba), lemon essential oil, orange essential oil

  • For the first use on a particular surface, spray wood cleaner onto a dry cloth and work into the surface then wipe away for a warm, soft glow. For subsequent uses on that same surface, it is safe to spray the product directly onto the surface rather than the dry cloth.

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