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laundry powder 1lb bag

Truce Laundry Powder - 1lb.

You asked for it, now you have it. It took some time to get our formula just right, but it was worth the wait. Now you can do your laundry with confidence from a brand you can trust. Safe, simple and effective - that's the Truce promise.

Each 1lb bag will do 16 loads of laundry in high-efficiency washers, and 11 standard loads.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Borax, Oxygen Bleach, Salt, Pure Soap Flakes, Washing Soda


Top-Loading Machines: For medium loads, use 1 1/2 scoops (1.5oz). For large loads, heavily soiled or hard water areas, use 2 1/2 scoops (2.5oz).

Front-Loading/High-Efficiency Machines: For medium loads, use 1 scoop (1oz). For large loads, heavily soiled or hard water areas, use 2 scoops (2oz).

General Care:

    • Powder First: Add your Truce Laundry Powder (or any detergent), before adding your laundry.
    • Utilize Vinegar: For new clothes, wash with a 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to help prevent the color from bleeding and fading. You can continue to add vinegar every few loads for continued fading prevention.
    • General Stains: Pretreat before you put your clothes in the wash. We recommend turning your garment inside out, then rubbing the stained area with water and a couple drops of natural dish soap.
    • Arm Pit Stains: Get the area wet with distilled white vinegar and dish soap. Let it sit before adding to your wash.