Hand Cleanser Bundle

Hand Cleanser Bundle

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Living on the go can make it tricky to keep your hands germ-free and refreshed - our Hand Cleanser is the perfect option to ensure you don’t compromise your clean. The convenient 2oz bottle is easy to tote along in any car, purse, or backpack so it's always on hand whenever you need a quick refresh. The 16oz bottle is perfect for a more permanent placement in your home or office. To top it off, the aromatherapeutic peppermint and rosemary scent provides an energizing boost and doesn’t leave behind a stinging chemical smell.

The carefully-crafted recipe is powerful enough to kill nasty, unnecessary germs while still being gentle enough to soften and moisturize skin with aloe vera.

Ingredients (learn more)
  • 64% rubbing alcohol, water, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, aromatherapeutic essential oils, aloe vera

  • Spray into the palm and rub hands together until the hand cleanser is fully absorbed.