All-Purpose Cleaner Refill | Citrus

All-Purpose Cleaner Refill | Citrus

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As seen in Parents Magazine Best Green Cleaning Products 2020 All-Purpose Cleaners!

This 32oz All-Purpose Cleaner Refill will fill your spray bottle 4 times!

Wipe away messes on those sticky countertops, remove spots and streaks from windows or mirrors, and get the grime off your shower walls with this one cleaner made for all non-porous surfaces. The All-Purpose Cleaner can effectively clean bathrooms, fitness equipment, kitchens, offices, playrooms, gymnastics matting, floors, glass, and more using non-toxic ingredients in one simple formula. It truly is all-purpose!


Ingredients (learn more)
  • Water, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, organic Castile soap, citrus essential oil
  • All non-porous, washable surfaces including glass, granite, tile, steel, stone, countertops, floors, walls, tables, chairs, showers, tubs, and more. Simply spray the all-purpose cleaner onto a cloth or directly onto the surface and wipe until dry.

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