What's your "WHY"?

It's important to us (and our future customers!) to know why you, loyal Truce teammates, have chosen our products. What first caught your eye? What makes you continue to choose Truce? Tell us all the deets!

We'd love if you could film yourself giving a short statement on why you choose Truce. Once you send us your video (submission link below), we'll send you a $30 discount code to truceclean.com. 

To earn your $30 Truce Discount, please:

    • Submit a 10-30 second video
    • Talk about why you chose Truce
    • Hold a Truce product (if possible)
    • Please try to make sure we can see your bright, shiny faces!

Some Video tips:

Try to keep the camera steady during your whole video - leaning your phone against an item on a table or countertop usually works great!

Try to film in an area with even lighting on your face Make sure to keep plenty of surrounding space in the video. We love close-ups, but we will most likely need to crop some of these videos down and don't want to cut anyone out!

Submit Here