To provide peace of mind through the creation of safe, simple and effective products made from familiar and traditional ingredients.

how we provide peace of mind

Efficient green cleaning
Safe for children
and pets
Cruelty-free (now and always)
No nonsense ingredients

why do we only ship cases?

As a team, we highly value consistent growth and learning. The ongoing pandemic has shown us some of the significant inefficiencies in our business that lead to increased waste and shipping delays.

Our current shipping process requires taking case boxes from a pallet, unpacking and recycling the case box, then repacking and shipping a single unit in a new box.

By switching to selling only cases, we reduce our shipping waste by 50%! This also increases the number of products per order, which means the frequency at which you’ll need to order more of your favorite Truce products goes down, helping us further reduce our waste and shipping delays!

But, fear not - if you’d still like to order only single units, you can purchase from our partners (i.e. Amazon, Thrive, Fry’s, Sprouts, etc.). Our website lists links per product to where you can buy single units.

Why are we California Proposition 65 Compliant?

We believe it's crucial to know what chemicals you're bringing into your home. That's why we've vowed to list our non-toxic ingredients on every product since the day we started.

Our world is saturated with chemicals. We didn’t choose this, it happened when we weren’t paying attention; to labels, to ingredients, to directions. We did notice that the outdoor air quality was declining, but we failed to recognize that our indoor air quality was deteriorating too.

Many of the chemicals that made their way into our homes arrived unannounced and uninvited. They came in household cleaning products, air fresheners, pesticides and cosmetics. They came in detergents, solvents, and hair sprays - their virtues and value extolled by the advertising agencies that told us we needed to have germ-free surfaces, a special cleaner for each room and hair that could survive in a wind tunnel.

That was then, this is now. Now we read labels and are making more and more healthy choices for our children, pets, and planet. And that’s where Truce comes in. When we began our company, we came together and defined the values that help us do what we do… and we’d like you to know what we value as we grow our company.