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Safe & Simple Cleaning Products for Hospitality, Restaurants


We know all businesses, from cafes to large cafeterias and everything in between, take the safety of your customers and personnel seriously.

Many of us do not realize that the chemicals we use to maintain our businesses are dangerous long after the task of cleaning is over. Those cleaning products stick their harmful chemicals our surfaces surfaces until a customer comes and wipe their arms on it and carries it away with them. With the Truce facility care line, we offer the same family of safe, simple and effective products derived from time-tested and familiar ingredients known to many Truce households nationwide.

Enjoy the peace of mind of keeping everybody safe while getting the job done.

Truce All-Purpose Cleaner

Truce All-Purpose Concentrate

1 Gallon

Truce All Purpose Concentrate
  • A brilliant multi-purpose cleaner, great for use in a variety of facilities.
  • Used by a wide variety of industries, including restaurants, gymnastics, fitness, childcare, and swim.
  • One gallon mixes to make (4) gallons of Truce All Purpose Cleaner.