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Do you agree more people need to know about products that can safely clean without exposure to harmful chemicals through skin contact or breathing?  Do you have a social media following, or frequently read articles on the web, where the reader looks forward to your honest recommendations? If you are thinking yes and yes, then please complete the form below and let’s chat about you possibly joining becoming a Truce Ambassador.  As a Truce Ambassador, you can earn commissions, free products, and invites to online empowerment events.

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1. You and your followers are going to LOVE Truce’s products!

You don’t want to promote products that you don’t like! As an influencer, you want to tell your followers about products that you truly love so your followers can trust your recommendations. Fortunately, truce products are all safe, simple, and effective! You and your followers are going to love Truce’s products, especially with their aromatherapeutic scents.

2. Earn a percentage of sales!

By joining Truce’s Ambassador Program, you can earn a percentage of sales. Whenever a follower makes a purchase based on your referral, you will get 10% of every purchase! This benefits both you and your followers! They get an amazing product and you make a profit!

3. Reduce the amount of chemicals in your home!

All of Truce’s products are non-toxic. Using Truce instead of typical cleaning products, you’re reducing the amount of toxic chemicals you’re bringing into your home. You’re also helping your followers to learn how to reduce the amount of chemicals they’re being exposed to as well!

4. Truce cares about the environment!

Whenever you order an All-Purpose Cleaner or a Wood Cleaner online, it comes with just the concentrate and you add the water yourself. This lowers the weight of the product, and less weight means less gas is used when transporting Truce products! It also lowers shipping costs for us, since Truce covers all shipping on products purchased from our website. You can also purchase a concentrate refill for your spray bottles, which means you can reuse your spray bottles instead of buying a new one every time you run out!

5. Aromatherapeutic

Here at Truce, we use aromatherapeutic essential oils instead of chemical fragrances to make our products smell great! All Truce products, except our Laundry Powder, contain aromatherapeutic essential oils! Our customers always rave about the peppermint scent of our All-Purpose Cleaner, which helps to energize you while you clean!

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