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To provide peace of mind through the creation of safe, simple and effective products made from familiar and traditional ingredients.

Our world is saturated with chemicals. We didn’t choose this, it happened when we weren’t paying attention; to labels, to ingredients, to directions. We did notice that the outdoor air quality was declining, but we failed to recognize that our indoor air quality was deteriorating too.

Many of the chemicals that made their way into our homes arrived unannounced and uninvited. They came in household cleaning products, air fresheners, pesticides and cosmetics. They came in detergents, solvents, and hair sprays - their virtues and value extolled by the advertising agencies that told us we needed to have germ-free surfaces, a special cleaner for each room and hair that could survive in a wind tunnel.

That was then, this is now. Now we read labels and are making more and more healthy choices for our children, pets, and planet. And that’s where Truce comes in. When we began our company, we came together and defined the values that help us do what we do… and we’d like you to know what we value as we grow our company.

Why is Truce the safe choice?

why are we California Proposition 65 compliant?

We are compliant with California Proposition 65 because we are committed to providing you with safe, simple and effective products.

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