Why do you only ship cases and not single units of your products?

We highly value consistent growth and learning. The ongoing pandemic has shown us some of the significant inefficiencies in our business that lead to increased waste and shipping delays. By switching to shipping only cases through our website, we are taking the first step in reworking our process to waste less, supply our customers more quickly, and most important of all - provide peace of mind to all parties involved. If you’d like to learn more about why we made this change, read up on Our Difference.

Single units are still sold through most of our large retail partners (i.e. Amazon, Thrive Market, Sprout’s, and more). Specific links to purchase individual units are located on each product page.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

If you have questions about COVID-19, please consult with the experts at the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control.

We've made some printable flyers and other resources, viewable here. And if you'd like to ask us something specific, please contact us.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made with love in sunny Tempe, AZ.

What kind of plastics do you use?

We use fully recyclable PET for all of our packaging (bottles) that is BPA-free and 100% safe. When you’re finished with your bottle you can refill it, recycle it, or turn it into something new!

What if I don't like the product?

This has happened once or twice, and we simply refunded them. Contact us if you have any problems or concerns about your products!

How can I help make a bigger impact?

Our mission doesn't end with just chemical-free homes. Many restaurants, gyms, childcare and activity centers, offices and other local businesses still use harsh cleaning products without thought for the lasting impact on customers and employees. That's why we started our affiliate program. You can learn more here. Another way to help is by leaving product reviews! This helps us improve products as needed and keep us on track.

Can my business use Truce products?

Absolutely! Clean, healthy living doesn’t have to only happen in the home. You can find many of our products in large, refill volumes at lower cost to help facilitate this. Please go to ourfor business page to find out more.

I have more questions. How do I get in contact?

Fill out the form on our contact page. We'll be sure to get back to you soon!