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You work tirelessly so your home is safe from toxins, but what about the businesses you visit?

As a Truce Team member, you will help to rid your community of harsh, toxic chemicals.

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Payment Details

It's not hard to see that by just going to your local businesses, you can create a large portfolio of recurring revenue.

Customer subscription x 25% commission = Passive monthly income

Average Commission


Average Monthly Order Size per Customer


Payment details: 25% commission paid every 30 days

How they pay: Pay through PayPal

Refunds: Your account will not be deducted for refunds

Tracking: Will work with you to give you all the analytics you want

Use of cookies: 60-day cookies -- which means that if you refer a visitor to a site, and they leave without making a purchase, but return next week and then buy, you’ll get credit for the referral and you’ll get your commission.

Who are your customers?

Think of all the places here in your neighborhood that need your help.
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