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Cleaning with chemicals - The greatest lie ever told

Cleaning with chemicals - The greatest lie ever told

I hate to break it to you friend, but you’ve been lied to - we all have. For decades we all have been told time and time again that a clean and safe home is one that is regularly doused with strange chemicals. But now we know better.


Take a second to visualize your cleaning routine. Does it first start with prying open the baby locks on the cabinet underneath your sink? If so, you may want to reconsider the products you’re using around your family and pets. Think about it: if these products are so bad that they must be locked away 98% of the time, why do we feel so comfortable freely spraying them around our homes? Some of these very common products are so potentially harmful they need to be disposed of as hazardous waste - and yet so many of us use them to clean our children’s high-chairs without a second thought.


The Safest way to get toxins away from our homes : The Truce Clean way

The Safest way to get toxins away from homes : The Truce Clean way

Here at Truce, we’ve often been complimented that our bottles are too good looking to stow away in the sink cabinet, which is why we’re proud to make products that are safe enough to not have to. A home cleaner doesn't require heavy chemicals to be effective, and it certainly doesn’t require the artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives and other known allergens that even some “natural” cleaning companies seem hell-bent on using. At Truce, we’re different. Our specially formulated line of products only use simple yet effective ingredients such as alcohol, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to kill germs with ease while still being safe to get on your skin.

As we discussed in last week’s article, we may not be able to go back in time to stop us bringing all these chemicals into our homes, but we all can take the right steps to make our homes safer moving forward.

Do you have old chemical products sitting around your house that you need to get rid of? First make sure you’re disposing of them properly! Our friends at Earth911 have an amazing and free resource to find out where and how to safely recycle or dispose of household products in your area.

Truce envisions a world where every home is free of these harmful and untested chemicals. Using only 14 common, natural ingredients and refusing to use any harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives, we have created the same safe and simple cleaning products you would make if you had the time. Having a hard time believing that? Check out the full list of our ingredients for yourself.

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