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8 EASY and QUICK steps to Live Toxin-free in 2017

8 EASY and QUICK steps to Live Toxin-free in 2017

We spend so much time taking care of ourselves - exercising regularly, eating organic, saying no to that cupcake...but we overlook the excess and unavoidable toxins that are found in our everyday products.

2017... It's a brand new year, and a brand new opportunity to live the healthy lifestyle you've always been thinking and hearing about.

Here are a few EASY and QUICK steps you can take to remove toxins from your life:

  • No more shoes in the house
    • Instead, put on a pair of slippers (they're more comfortable anyway!). Most household dirt, pesticides, and lead come into your home on your shoes.

  • Stop using bleached products
    • Paper towels, toilet paper, and coffee filters aren't naturally white, they're bleached with toxic chlorine. Look for chlorine-free or oxygen-bleached products.

  • Be careful with the lawn pesticides
    • As you would have guessed, these pesticides are loaded with toxins that you track into your homes. These days there are plenty of options for environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides.

  • Eliminate synthetic fragrances:
    • Room sprays like Febreze are loaded with toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and studies show they can even cause cancer. Time to find a natural replacement.

  • Trash the familiar, brand name home cleaners you’ve been using all along
    • Their names are familiar, but their ingredients are unfamiliar...time to start using cleaning products with simple, safe, and effective ingredients. Truce to the rescue!

  • Review your personal care products
    • Deodorants, toothpaste, soaps and lotions can all be laden with toxins. We'll do several posts on this topic alone, but you can start today by checking out the ingredient lists on your current products.

  • Don't buy antibacterial soaps
    • The problem with antibacterial soap is that they kill ALL bacteria, bad and good. We need bacteria to survive. Make the switch to hand, dish, and laundry soaps that contain natural ingredients.

  • Use glass instead of plastic
    • Most plastics leach potential carcinogens and other toxins. Store your food in glass or ceramic containers, use stainless steel water bottles. By the way, never use plastic in the microwave.

You can implement these 8 tips and start living toxin-free TODAY! Simple enough to start, right?

As we say here at Truce, “the future belongs to the healthy”...

Cheers to a Toxin-Free 2017!

Team Truce

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feb 21, 2017

Great advice Diann! As a floor care professional, you know I love the idea of the house slippers or shoes. Fully 80% of your soil comes in from your shoes, not to mention the constant abrasion this soil creates on your surfaces. We never even thought about all the paper products we use that are bleached out with toxins. Keep up the good work!

Justin Kissel
feb 20, 2017

I love this reminder! Thanks for sending along. I try hard, but I can do better. Keep up the great work. xoxo from Maine!

sally wright

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