Odor Remover Gallon Refill (16x)

Odor Remover Gallon Refill (16x)

$59.99 USD

This gallon will refill your spray bottle 16 times!

Countless harmful chemicals have been sprayed in our homes for decades simply because we like the way they smell. While we know pets have a special part in each of our hearts, it's still important to be able to walk into a room and not smell only the dog that lives there. This product is safe on your furniture and gentle on dogs’ sensitive noses. It's also incredibly effective at removing additional foul odors in other places around your home due to its safe and simple formula.

This gallon can be used to refill a 16 oz spray bottle up to 16 times.

Ingredients (learn more)
  • Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, aromatherapeutic essential oils

  • This product can be used on furniture, dog crates, beds, rooms, shoes, cars, gym bags and anything else that stinks. It should not be used near cats or their resting areas though, as they are sensitive to essential oils. Simply spray and allow the area to dry.