Energizing Room + Linen Spray

Energizing Room + Linen Spray

$59.99 USD

While most other home air plug-ins, sprays, candles, and car fresheners contain harmful chemicals hiding behind the word “fragrance” on a list of ingredients, Truce is always transparent on where our fresh scents come from: aromatherapeutic essential oils. The 4oz bottles are easy to keep around the home in bathrooms, living rooms, or bedside tables and provide an easy-breezy way of refreshing the space.

The Energizing Spray is a mixture of citrus and lemongrass that helps invigorate and give you that extra boost to make it through the day.

Ingredients (learn more)
  • Water, Rubbing Alcohol, Glycerin, Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils

  • Safely spray your entire room, bathroom, car bed linens, or pillows for a natural scent wherever it is needed.

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