Pet Care

You've heard of chemical-free body care products for humans -- why not make sure your pet isn't any more exposed than you are? This perfect dog care bundle combines both non-toxic and natural pet care products in the lineup: 1 Dog Shampoo 16oz spray and 1 Odor Remover 16oz spray. Both products are proudly made in the USA, and never include any phthalates, phosphates, or parabens that can dry and irritate your pup’s skin.
Truce Happy Dog Shampoo and Odor Remover, simple ingredients, made in usa Quick shop

Dog Bundle

$17.99 USD $21.00 USD

Truce Happy Dog Shampoo to softens coat for an itch-free clean Quick shop

Dog Shampoo

from $11.99 USD $71.94 USD

Truce Odor Remover for freshening indoor air and fabrics, simple ingredients, made in usa Quick shop

Odor Remover Spray

from $9.99 USD

Odor Remover Gallon Refill (16x) Quick shop

Odor Remover Gallon Refill (16x)

$59.99 USD

Dog Shampoo Gallon Refill (16x) Quick shop

Dog Shampoo Gallon Refill (16x)

$59.99 USD