Wood Cleaner: 4 Refills-Cleaning-Truce Clean
citrus scented wood cleaner refill
wood cleaner with sponge

Truce Wood Cleaner: 4 Refills

Save your Wood Cleaner spray bottle and refill it with the concentrated formula.

Like a breath of fresh, citrusy air, this wood cleaner is all you need to clean and nourish wood and laminate surfaces throughout your home. It's lightweight enough to use daily as a dusting spray but tough enough for more heavy-duty jobs like cleaning floors and wood cabinets after the dinner splatters. It's safe on painted surfaces and works great as a conditioner for stainless steel surfaces - no more fingerprint smudges!

Uses: Wood and laminate furniture, cabinets, floors, painted and stainless steel surfaces. Also a great leather cleaner.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Essential Oils, Distilled White Vinegar, Guar Gum

Note: We refuse to use chemical emulsifiers in this product, leaving the oil and vinegar to naturally separate. Make sure to shake the product during use every couple of minutes.