Laundry and Linen Bundle
Laundry and Linen Bundle
Truce Laundry Powder and Room and Linen Spray are the Bundle

Laundry and Linen Bundle

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WINNER of the Eco-Excellence Awards 2019 Kids Laundry Powder!

We all know and love that clean laundry smell - but what are we actually breathing in? Tons of research over the past decade identifies hundreds of hazardous air pollutants in everything from fabric softeners, detergents, and dryer sheets - even in products that claim to be "green", "natural", or "organic". Fragrances, dyes, and chemicals - oh my! Our safe and simple formula has everything you need to keep your clothes fresh and bright, without all the extra nastiness. Perfect for people with sensitive skin, or other conditions prone to dermatological irritation.

To add a fresh smelling kick, this bundle includes our fabulous Soothing Room and Linen Spray to spray down your fabrics and bedding after the wash.

This 4oz spray cleans and freshens stale, odor-laden air and linens. No cloying, throat-constricting, eye-watering chemicals or artificial fragrances. It's our exclusive blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils!

Ingredients (learn more)
  • Laundry Powder: Baking Soda, Borax, Oxygen Bleach, Salt, Pure Soap Flakes, Washing Soda
  • Room and Pillow Spray: Water, Rubbing Alcohol, Glycerin, Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils

  • Laundry Powder:Scoop and sprinkle laundry powder directly onto a load of dirty clothes. Do not use the powder in a detergent tray, as this can cause blockages. High-Efficiency Models and Front-Loading Washing Machines: For medium loads, use 1 scoop (1oz). For large loads, heavily soiled or hard water areas, use 2 scoops (2oz). Top-Loading Machines: For medium loads, use 1 1/2 scoops (1.5oz). For large loads, heavily soiled or hard water areas, use 2 1/2 scoops (2.5oz). 3 lb pouch cleans 48 mid-sized HE loads
  • Room and Pillow Spray: Safely spray your entire room, bed linen, pillows and body for a natural scent wherever it is needed.