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Heading to the Natural Products Expo March 6-9!

Heading to the Natural Products Expo March 6-9!

Ahhhh, the fresh smell of peppermint is in the air, cases of Truce are squished into our trunks, and we're Anaheim-bound, baby! *happy dance* (The event is held in Anaheim, California on March 6-9, www.expowest.com) Diann, Denis and Adam are slipping on the Birks (wait, wait, no... we're barefoot) and holding tiny Truce's hand as it toddles into the crazy natural-products sandbox. Yep, our baby is growing up SO fast (*tear*)!

Last year was our first Expo, and the team was bursting to spread the word about the simple pleasures of our non-toxic baby. We watched our artistic magician Adam Mann blossom and build enthusiasm with everyone he talked to about his passion for art and green living. The vibe was exciting... and we can't wait to get back!

This year we are spreading the word about our new products and philanthropic goals. For example, our peppermint-oil dog shampoo, made with less ingredients than a can of dog food, also generates funds for the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, which saves abandoned animals.

We hope you can join us at the Expo... we'd love to see some of our Valley neighbors at Booth 6800!

Don't worry about packing heavy for the trip. Actually, leave out the soap, deodorant and perfume... a few spritzes of Truce and you'll smell delicious. Um, we're kidding. But wait, if you try that, definitely tell us if it works!

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