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Heading to the Natural Products Expo March 6-9!

Ahhhh, the fresh smell of peppermint is in the air, cases of Truce are squished into our trunks, and we're Anaheim-bound, baby! *happy dance* (The event is held in Anaheim, California on March 6-9, Diann, Denis and Adam are slipping on the Birks (wait, wait, no... we're barefoot) and holding tiny Truce's hand as it toddles into the crazy natural-products sandbox. Yep, our baby is growing up SO fast (*tear*)!

Last year was our first Expo, and the team was bursting to spread the word about the simple pleasures of our non-toxic baby. We watched our artistic magician Adam Mann blossom and build enthusiasm with everyone he talked to about his passion for art and green living. The vibe was exciting... and we can't wait to get back!

This year we are spreading the word about our new products and philanthropic goals. For example, our peppermint-oil dog shampoo, made with less ingredients than a can of dog food, also generates funds for the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, which saves abandoned animals.

We hope you can join us at the Expo... we'd love to see some of our Valley neighbors at Booth 6800!

Don't worry about packing heavy for the trip. Actually, leave out the soap, deodorant and perfume... a few spritzes of Truce and you'll smell delicious. Um, we're kidding. But wait, if you try that, definitely tell us if it works!

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11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

As time goes by you’ve probably wanted to recycle certain things but haven’t known where to go or how to do it. Let the following list inspire you to find additional ways to recycle other products, and by all means, let us know what you learn so we can pass it along.


1. Appliances

Goodwill accepts working appliances, so simply visit for the nearest location. The Steel Recycling Institute can help as well. The latter is a great resource for anything steel you need to recycle.

2. Athletic Shoes

Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program turns old shoes into playgrounds and athletic flooring, and One World Running will send still wearable shoes to athletes in need.

3. Batteries

All types and kinds can be recycled with Check with your local municipality to see if there’s a battery recycling site nearby.

4. Cardboard Boxes

Contact local nonprofits and women’s shelters and ask if they can use them. If your workplace collects at least 100 or more boxes each month, contact Used Cardboard Boxes - they can resell them.

5. CDs & DVDs

If you just want to recycle them, check the web for “technotrash”. We like to use Green Disk.

6. CFLs

You can take your compact Fluorescent Light bulbs to IKEA for recycling. Your municipal toxic waste site will also take them, but be sure you take proof of residence with you.  

7. Computers & Electronics

Many high schools now have programs in computer repair where materials are refurbished and given to people who can use them. Check with your local schools. Otherwise, check out responsible recyclers at who don’t send them to other countries where unprotected workers are exposed to dangerous substances.

8. Eyeglasses

Bet you didn’t know that local Lion’s Clubs collects them for redistribution to people in need. Visit their website for locations. If your local Walmart has a Vision Center in store, they will recycle them as well.

9. Foam Packing Peanuts

Check with your local pack-and-ship store-they will likely take them.

10. Sports Equipment

You can resell or trade your old stuff at Play It Again Sports. There are multiple stores in the Valley.

11. Toothbrushes & Razors

Buy toothbrushes and razors from Preserve and they will take them back to be recycled again into plastic lumber. Check out their recycling partners at Also available at some Whole Foods Markets. Very cool!

If you have stuff that you just can’t recycle, when possible and practical, send it back to the company that made it and tell them to close the waste loop.

Let us know what you have discovered can be recycled and how to do it. Inquiring minds want to know!

In the meantime, post this on your fridge door and share it with friends! We thank you, and your community thanks you for recycling!


Did you know that Truce uses the most recyclable plastic for all bottles? It’s called PET.

Understand the impact we’re making (link to impact page)

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Cleaning With Salt: 7 Natural Ways To Get The Job Done

We consume tons of salt throughout our lives, but did you know salt can be used in a variety of ways other than direct consumption? Salt is one of Truce’s favorite ingredients, so here are a few helpful ways to use it:

1.  Polish

Mix salt and vinegar into a thick paste and apply to brass silver and copper as a polish. Use a soft cloth to apply and buff, then rinse thoroughly in water and dry well.

2. Liquid Cleanups

A pet mess, oil and egg spills- just cover the area with salt – it’s a lot easier to pick up.

3. Drain Cleaner

Equal amounts of salt and hot water poured down a drain helps get rid of nasty smells and dissolve grease. Helps slow future buildups.

4. Scouring Pots and Pans

Pour rock salt onto greasy cookware before scouring to help cut through the grease.

5. Removing red wine, tea and coffee stains

To remove tea and coffee stains on cups and glasses, just pour onto a sponge and use a circular motion while working over the stains. For red wine stains on a tablecloth or shirt, pour salt directly onto the fabric, let dry and brush salt away.

6. Sterilizing sponges

Kitchen sponges are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. By soaking a sponge in a heavily saline solution, it will help kill bacteria. To be thorough, put the sponge into the microwave for 1 minute.

7. Garden Aid

Where ants frequent, pour a line of salt to prevent them from crossing.

8. Cutting Board Cleaner

A smelly cutting board means bacteria are present – and this is not only an odor problem, but a health issue. Bacteria are killed by salt, so by rubbing salt into your cutting board, letting it sit for a little while and then rinsing, your board will smell fresh and be bacteria-free!

Salt can be used in many capacities around your home as a more eco- friendly alternative to harsh chemicals, but remember that while it’s abundant and inexpensive, using too much can result in potential damage to waterways and your yard so use it in prudently.

Cleaning with Salt is simple, and that’s why it's one of the main ingredients in our Scouring Powder


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