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Are you with us?

Harmful toxins and chemicals from cleaners have no place around our homes, children, food, or pets. It’s our mission to do something about it.

Our products are completely toxin-free and made with common ingredients you can actually pronounce. Seriously, look at our ingredients. You’ll be pleased.

We’re here to call a Truce against toxins.


Safe for you, your family, and the planet.

Safe, toxin-free ingredients

In our opinion, it’s the only way to be. It’s the core of our mission. Keep toxins away from your children, pets and food! All of our products use simple, effective and toxin-free ingredients. 
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Save resources during shipping

Yes, your bottle is supposed to arrive partially-filled! Why waste fuel transporting water, when you can simply add it from the tap at home? We also sell refills to further reduce our carbon footprint. 
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Aromatherapy while cleaning

No synthetic fragrances here - they’re chemicals! We only use the highest quality aromatherapeutic essential oils so your home can smell as great as it looks. Clean has never smelled this good. 
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Feel great supporting community

We’ve partnered with non-profits, community programs and charities to give a portion of proceeds directly to those in need. Just one more reason to feel good every time you clean.
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Let our ingredients do the talking.

Eco-Friendly     Biodegradable     Non-GMO     No SLS     Triclosan-Free     Fragrance-Free     Greywater Safe     No Phthalates     No Parabens     Hypoallergenic     Vegan     Made in the USA